52. Internationales Freundschaftsfliegen F3A der Modellfluggruppe Liechtenstein MFGL

Samstag, 30. Juni 2018  bis  Sonntag, 1. Juli 2018

Bendern, Liechtenstein
Modellfluggruppe Liechtenstein MFGL
Bendern, Liechtenstein
Chaplygin Dmitry / RUS
Gianonni Gianluigi / ITA
Galley Roland / SUI
Wamsler Albert / GER
Marquet Philipp / BEL
Henny van Loon / NED
Polatschek Norbert / AUT
Romijn Bob / NED
Uhlig Peter / GER
Amram Leshed / ISR
Sport Kategorie(n)
F3A FAI          
Nick Schädler / LIE
Weitere Informationen finden Sie direkt unter: https://www.mfgl.li

Judges Jury

1 GIANNONI  Gianluigi
2 UHLIG  Peter
3 LESHED  Amram
4 VAN LOON  Henny
7 WAMSLER  Albert
8 GALLEY  Roland
9 MARQUET  Philippe
10 ROMIJN  Bob

GIANNONI Gianluigi



I built my first model when I was 7 y.o. It was a Free Flight model but time after time I learned to fly VVC models and, at last, R/C models. I was involved with F3A competitions till 2004. From then, I did only the F3A judge. As international judge I attended to the F3A World Championships in USA and South Africa and to European Championships in France and Liechtenstein. Every year I’ m judge in some World Cups in Europe, too.

I attended to the  F3P World Championships in Germany and Poland, too.  I founded a club “Gruppo Aeromodellisti Valceresio”  in 1983-  from 2002 I’m the GAV President.

At beginning of 2000 I discovered slope soaring (I live near lake of Como-North Italy), and in summer I have a lot of fun with F3F slope racers. Now I’m venturing with Depron and small&light pylon and combat models. Every week-end you can find me on the flight site with electric sport models.

In winter, in free time, I like to read books and listen to classic music.


Rangliste Kategorie F3A FAI

 MarkusZEINERAustria (AUT) 
 AloisSCHÜRMANNSwitzerland (SUI) 
 StefanKAISERLiechtenstein (LIE) 
 RetoSCHUMACHERSwitzerland (SUI) 
 FrancescoVAVALAItaly (ITA) 
 AdrianAMREINSwitzerland (SUI) 
 AndrewPALMERNew Zealand (NZL) 
 PhilippSCHÜRMANNSwitzerland (SUI) 
 SandroVERONELLISwitzerland (SUI) 
 VikenMALACIOGLUBelgium (BEL) 
 CarstenBUSCHGermany (GER) 
 SandroMATTISwitzerland (SUI) 
 FrancoisLENAERTSBelgium (BEL) 
 ChristianNIKLASSGermany (GER) 
 RobinTRUMPPGermany (GER) 
 MilanVALENTACzech Rep. (CZE) 
 GeorgCADUFFSwitzerland (SUI) 
 HermannKISTLERSwitzerland (SUI) 
 AlessandroPANZANINIItaly (ITA) 
 WolfgangMATTLiechtenstein (LIE) 
 StefanBAUTZGermany (GER) 
 RaphaelPRUEFERGermany (GER) 
 YuvalBEN ISRAELIsrael (ISR) 
 PeterMASTSwitzerland (SUI) 
 RobertHIRSCHGermany (GER) 
 OmerBEN AMIIsrael (ISR) 
 JozefLENAERTSBelgium (BEL) 
 DietmarWALTRITSCHGermany (GER) 
 RobertFORSTERGermany (GER) 
 LassiNURILAFinland (FIN) 
 PeterHOLZAPFELGermany (GER) 
 FelixANDRESSwitzerland (SUI) 
 PeterHAASEGermany (GER) 
 AlbertoCANTUGermany (GER) 
 MauriceLUMMGermany (GER) 
 ArtemKOROLOVUkraine (UKR) 
 HannesSCHENKItaly (ITA) 
 ValeriiMAKAROVUkraine (UKR) 
 HansjörgSTUDERSwitzerland (SUI) 
 OlehSIDORTSOVUkraine (UKR) 
 IgorSHILOVRussia (RUS) 
 PhilippePOEKERLuxemburg (LUX) 
 MoritzHÄNSLISwitzerland (SUI) 
 PeterALBERTGermany (GER) 
 MarcRUBINSwitzerland (SUI) 
 ArthurSILSBYUnited Kingdom (GBR) 
 AlexHEINDELNorway (NOR) 
 MatthiasBOSSHARDSwitzerland (SUI) 
 GregorWETZELGermany (GER) 
 Jean-MichelYEGUIAYANFrance (FRA) 



 Austria (AUT)

I am 43 years old and I am working as a production manager. Modelflying since I was 8 years old. Member of the Austrian F3A Team since 2000. 1st place EC Team 2014,

2nd place EC Team 2012, 2010, 2000, 3rd place WC Team 2013.

My other hobbies are skiing and travelling with my family.