The Presidium department is the central interface for all business areas of the Swiss Model Aviation Association. The president as head of department leads the association together with the entire board and is responsible for its development, positioning within the framework of the statutes, mission statement and objectives. The head of the presidency represents the association in the areas assigned to him externally, namely in the national and international area.

The President of the SMV also ensures that the partners and authorities, political parties and sports associations in the entire environment, together with the umbrella organization Aero Club of Switzerland AeCS, are involved in the business of the department and the Model Aviation Association in a measured manner and in the appropriate and target group-oriented tone.

The department informs together with the SMV board in an appropriate form about the business on an ongoing basis and reports to its members.

Together with the board committee and the department heads, the president and his team are responsible for the processing of the daily business and the controlling together with the board members with regard to the positioning and the perceptibility of the Swiss Model Aviation Association as the largest branch association of the Aero Club of Switzerland AeCS in terms of the number of members.

The Head of Department and President of the Swiss Model Aviation Association thus assumes the overall management and coordination of all necessary business to achieve the objectives within the framework of the agreed goals. Adrian Eggenberger has been a member of the Central Board of the AeCS as a divisional representative since 2017 and President of the Swiss Model Aviation Association SMV since 2017.

Main tasks of the president:

  • Overall management of the association with the overall board SMV
  • Coordination and target agreement with the umbrella organization AeCS
  • Participate in all necessary meetings and discussions
  • Organization and chairing of the board meetings and presidents' conferences
  • Representation as a permanent member of the Central Board in the AeCS
  • Planning, development and implementation of measures to control the achievement of objectives