F5 Electrio-powered model flight

Today, the electric motor is by far the most widely used drive for propeller planes in model aviation. The possibilities to equip remote controlled model airplanes with electric drives are almost unlimited. From the smallest model with a weight of 50 grams to large models of 20 and more kilograms. Powered gliders, aerobatic models, racing planes, glider-tow machines, replicas of jet and vintage planes, seaplane models, helicopters, etc. Electric propulsion systems are clean, easy to operate, and the power can be precisely metered.
Pylon racing models in the F5D class race around the track at over 300 kmh.
The official international competition classes in electric flight are:

  • F5A Aerobatics for aircraft up to max. 3 kg
  • F5B Electric Powered Motor Gliders (WM-classes of the FAI)
  • F5D Electric Powered Pylon Racing Aeroplanes  (WM-classes of the FAI)
  • F5E Solar Powered Aeroplanes
  • F5F 6 Cell Electric Powered Motor Gliders (up to 4 cells)
  • F5G Electric Powered Big Motor Gliders upwards of 3.5 m
  • F5J TElectric Powered Thermal Duration Gliders (FAI World Cup Class)
  • F5K Electric Powered Indoor Pylon Racing Aeroplane

In addition, there is the F6B Aeromusical air sports promotion class as freestyle art in halls and sports stadiums.
Electric models are emission-free and can be used practically noiselessly. This allows flying in halls, on sports fields and on terrains close to settlements. With RC systems (remote controls), which are operated on 2.4 GHz, there is also no danger of disturbing others or being disturbed yourself. If you want to build or even construct more complex electric models yourself, it is advantageous to seek support from experienced electric pilots in a club or contact a member of the Technical Commission for Electric Flight.

The FAKO F5 organizes championships itself or supports clubs in the realization of sporting events. It is responsible for the selection of the national teams (F5B and F5D) and also supervises the air sports promotion class F6.

Current electric flight scene online under www.silentwings.ch