Model Aerobatics

This commission unites many radio-controlled model aircraft categories, which are powered by electric or combustion engine(s), except for glider aerobatics.
The helicopters are supervised by their own commissions.

All these following categories have something in common, namely, at competitions these categories are evaluated by judges.
  • F3 A Aerobatic Aircraft
  • F3 M / IMAC Large Aerobatic Aircraft
  • F3 P Indoor Aerobatic Aircraft
  • RCS-Akro Glider Aerobatics – models

The F 3 commission strives to offer various championships to interested pilots who want to compete with like-minded people. At the same time, the Fako also supports the model flight clubs, as well as the "amateur and hobby pilots" with information and publications from the commission..

The following is a breakdown of the individual categories:

F3A Aerobatic Aircraft- models

In this probably best-known aerobatics category with motor-driven models, aerobatics have been flown with high precision since the beginnings of remote-controlled model flying.

The maximum dimensions of the models and the maximum weight are precisely defined. Likewise, the flight envelope in which the figures can be executed is limited in all dimensions. The flight programs are composed of a known catalog of figures and are thus clearly defined for all participants in terms of their execution and placement. To make it possible for less experienced and especially young pilots to participate in the competitions, there are programs with simple figure sequences for beginners. With increasing experience, it is possible to switch to more demanding figure programs without any obstacles. The programs are evaluated by judges at the competitions. Important criteria for the evaluation are the precision and the placement of the executed figures.

Every year, several competitions are held at different locations throughout Switzerland, which are published in good time in the SMV calendar of events. The Swiss champion is determined in the 2-part Swissliga competitions. In addition, the results are used by the F3 Aerobatics Commission for the annual determination of the national team for the following year..

IMAC Large Aerobatic Aircraft

This large model aerobatic class has become the worldwide standard for large model motorized aerobatics. The IMAC competition program is based on dynamic aerobatics, divided into the known and unknown program, comparable to F3A. The programs are divided into 5 difficulty classes, so that not only absolute top cracks (Unlimited-Class) but also less experienced pilots (Advanced-, Intermediate-, Sportsman-Class) up to beginners (Basic-Class) can participate in the competitions. In addition, a cross-class freestyle competition can be held at each of the competitions.

The IMAC programs are usually flown with 3m aerobatic airplanes (engine 150-220ccm), in the Basic Class it is also possible to fly with much simpler airplanes. The Freestyle class is usually flown with 2.60m aerobatic airplanes (engine 100-140ccm). The aerobatic programs including the rule book as well as any information and tips can be found on (international) and on (national).

F3P Indoor Aerobatic Aircraft- models

After its initial boom, the indoor scene has consolidated and undergone a major evolution. The initial depron models have been replaced by high-end carbon models, which are flown at competition level almost exclusively with counter-rotating twin propeller drives. The precision, lightness and elegance of the models in the hangar is captivating. Especially attrqactive is also the class - Aerbatics for Music. Action and presence are the order of the day here - great fun for the competition spectators as well. There are competitions at different levels, so that even the ambitious advanced pilot can get a taste of competition air and exchange ideas with the experts. Participation is worthwhile in any case.

More information can be found on the indoor model flight page of the SMV:

RCS-Akro Glider Aerobatics - models

For some years now, a small number of followers of this model aviation category have come together under the name "Swiss Acro Connection". This group organizes its own competitions in Switzerland and also visits such events abroad as part of the "Euro Tour". In the course of the years a homogeneous grouping of this section has been established, which functions almost independently with the support of our Fako.


F3F Weltmeisterschaft 2022 in Dänemark

Freitag, 14. Oktober 2022

Schweizer Sieg beim Critérium International F3A du Hainaut in Belgien

Freitag, 17. Juni 2022

Dieser Wettbewerb, der in Grandrieu (Belgien) stattfindet, ist einer der renommiertesten in der Disziplin F3A. In diesem Jahr versammelte er wieder einmal alle Top-Piloten Europas.