Current rules for model flight in Switzerland

Switzerland does not apply the new EU regulation for unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Model flying activities can therefore be carried out according to the Swiss Rules can be operated as before. There is no registration requirement, no training and testing for certification, and no limit on height and age.

The requirements for model flying in Switzerland


The following requirements must be met in Switzerland for the operation of a model aircraft:


  • Every operator of an unmanned flying object (heavier than 500g) must have a liability insurance with a coverage of damages up to 1 million CHF, and carry the proof with him. Partly these damages are covered by the household insurances. These insurances can issue a corresponding proof. Members of the Swiss Model Aviation Association (SMV) are automatically insured.
  • It is permitted to operate model aircraft up to 30kg in direct line of sight. Models heavier than 30kg or flying outside the direct line of sight require a permit from the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA).
  • A permit is also required for models in direct visual flight between 500g and 30kg in the following cases:

    • At a distance of less than 5km at an airfield or heliport;
    • Higher than 150m above ground within the control zone of an airport (CTR);
    • Near emergency personnel on duty or closer than 100m from groups of people.


  • In addition, flying in protected areas (e.g. nature reserves) is not permitted. When using cameras and other recording devices, privacy must be respected, i.e. flying over residential areas is not allowed.

More information about Temporary or local bans on all unmanned aircraft and an area map can be found here.

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