Information for Visiting Pilots

Switzerland is not currently applying the new EU rules for unmanned aircraft.

Model aircraft activities can therefore continue to take place under existing Swiss Regulation. More concretely, this means that there is no obligation for pilots to register themselves, there is no training and certification requirement, there are no age limits, and there are no new height limits.Requirements for model aircraft pilots intending to fly in Switzerland

The following requirements apply for the operation of a model aircraft in Switzerland:

  • To operate an unmanned aircraft heavier than 500gr, each operator is required to have a liability insurance that covers incidents with a minimum coverage of CHF 1 million, and must carry proof of insurance. A number of household liability insurances include this in their standard coverage and will be able to provide proof of insurance. Members of the Swiss Aeromodelling Federation (SMV) are automatically insured through the SMV.
  • Allowed is the operation of model aircraft lighter up to 30kgs within visual line of sight. The operation of aircraft heavier than this, or outside visual line of sight, requires a permit from the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Aviation.
  • A permit is also required for the operation of unmanned aircraft between 500gr and 30kgs within visual line of sight in the following areas:
    • within a 5km range around airports and heliports;
    • higher than 150m above surface in air traffic control zones (CTR);
    • near emergency response efforts or over or within 100m from groups of people.
In addition, the operation of all unmanned aircraft is not allowed within protected areas (e.g. nature reserves) and the use of cameras or recording equipment must respect privacy rules (i.e. don’t fly over inhabited areas). There may also be temporary or local restrictions for the operations of all unmanned aircraft. A map with current flight restrictions can be consulted at:

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