Promoting young talent - learning to fly a model

Bild 156 With the promotion of young talent, the implementation of the strategy "Youth and Young Talent Promotion" according to the mission statement of the SMV is to be achieved with the following three main thrusts.

- Developing concrete offers for the promotion of young talent in/through the Regional model aircraft associations and clubs in the SMV

- Development of offers and measures for the promotion of aeromodelling in schools

- Developing measures to inspire young people with enthusiasm for model flight and the associated craft as an educationally valuable and instructive leisure activity.

As a beginner in model flying, be sure to seek the advice of a qualified model dealer when buying your first model and accessories! The clubs in the region will be happy to provide you with the addresses of specialist dealers. There you also know addresses of professionally managed model flying schools or youth coaches in the respective clubs, in order to learn the model flight so.

Teenagers and adult beginners will find optimal support in any case in a Model flying club . The addresses in the vicinity and the model airfields can be found easily in our Airfield search engine . As a rule, you first apply for admission as a guest member and then become a full member after one year.

Best goes spontaneously by on the Model airfield , speaks to the pilots present and explains the reason for the visit. Or call the local club president to establish a first non-binding contact and agree on the further procedure..

Once the beginner model is confidently mastered, we recommend further advancement as follows:


  • Switch to an all-around model (electric glider if necessary) of about 3 m wingspan, controlled by all axes and not too heavy. Where this is operated: Entry into aerotow.
  • performance model of approx. 3 m wingspan controlled via all axes. Entry into aerobatics or competition categories. 
  • Only when the above models are safely mastered: Entry into large gliders.

Motorized flying

  • Switch to a high-wing trainer model controlled over all axes. This is controllable around all axes, also allows simple aerobatics, but still has a fairly high inherent stability.
  • Switch to a low-wing trainer model controlled via all axes. This allows all aerobatic maneuvers to be practiced with increased maneuverability.
  • Motor models under 2m wingspan with special functions like retractable landing gear, flaps etc.
  • Only when the above models are mastered safely: Entry into large models.


  • Ideally first gain experience with glider or powered model aircraft controlled by all axes.
  • Only now (if the entry is not via a course at a model flight school): Change to a beginner helicopter. Be sure to seek the advice of an experienced dealer.
  • Only after mastering the beginner helicopter: models of higher complexity with aerobatic capability.

Insider tip flight simulators

In the meantime, there is a whole range of excellent and very realistic simulators for training model flying on the PC available from specialist dealers. With these, the basic skills for piloting a model aircraft can be trained even in the worst weather without any risk of breakage. Even aerobatics can be trained without risk with the usually very sophisticated software products