Model flight experts and contact persons

Model airplanes may look nice and colorful and reasonably simple, but they are actually extremely sophisticated flying machines that will only stay in the air if they are properly designed, properly adjusted and properly flown. The fact is that the limits within which the whole thing works are much narrower than the pretty pictures on the packaging would suggest. Even the fact that there is a wide range of good models available in specialized shops, at attractive prices, does not change the fact that every aircraft is a very demanding machine. It is therefore usually very sensible to refrain from another attempt to invent the wheel, and to consult an expert in good time.  These members of model flying clubs of the SMV are at your disposal for inquiries:

Advice for newcomers: SMV Junior Development Department Daniel Ziegenhagen

School and model flight: Reck Christian, Consulting/support for handicraft lessons at schools, +41 62 771 63 18

Advice for modeling courses/schools/workshop teachers: Remo Kalberer, Wangs Tel. 081 710 04 63 (d/e)

Free flight models: Christoph Bachmann Richterswil,  Tel. 044 784 23 33  Christian Gugger Gretzenbach  Tel. 62 849 32 47

RC glider models: Rudolf Schaub, Winterthur  Tel.052 232 59 55

Control Line: Peter Germann, Widen. Tel. 056 633 65 47  d/f/e

Remote controls: Futaba-Forum,

Helicopter: Fehlmann Mario, Hubel 148B, 5053 Wittwil  Tel. 062 721 31 39

Aerobatics with motorized models: Team no Limit  / Hans Sommer and Markus Meier

True-to-life models: IG Warbird

Warbirds: IG Warbird

Power Scale Soaring Association of Switzerland: Power Scale Soaring Association of Switzerland

Electroflight: Expert commission electric flight

Large gliders: Community of interest large gliders see website

Jet turbines models: Swiss Jet Scale Team

Space: ARGOS, Advanced Rocketry Group of Switzerland

Electric engines: Motocalc

Combustion engines: Messmer Hansruedi, Vorstattstrasse 42B, 4814 Bottenwil AG  062 721 53 38 or 079 229 28 39

Power Turbines: Swiss Jet Scale Team