The departments of the SMV as separate functional areas

The main areas of activity at the association level are strategically summarized in the departments of the Executive Board of the Swiss Model Aviation Association.

As process managers, the respective department heads have a wide range of opportunities to influence and support their areas of responsibility, together with the regional model airplane associations, the expert commissions and the model flight clubs.

The department heads often represent the board directly outside on the model airfields, depending on the topic and need and in close cooperation with the regional associations and expert groups or commissions.
  1. President; Management of the board and the association, representation in national aviation committees
  2. Treasurer; He is responsible for the entire accounting of the Swiss Model Aviation Association
  3. Sports Department; Of very crucial importance for the promotion, support and coordination of individual disciplines of model aviation sport
  4. PR and Communications Department; Ensures public awareness of the association through carefully planned and regular public relations activities, maintains the website, and provides the necessary communication tools.
  5. Junior Staff Development Department; Works within the SMV to recruit and promote model pilots of all ages. The focus is on participation in selected national to local events and the provision of materials and programs for the promotion of young pilots by the clubs themselves.
  6. Infrastructure Department; Supports clubs in the search for new airfields and provides support on issues related to the operation of model airfields. It works directly and closely with the regional associations and the clubs also in questions of safety to secure existing airfields in the long term.