Swiss aeromodelling federation SMV


The Swiss aeromodelling federation SMV is a branch federation of the Aero-Club of Switzerland. With around 8000 members in 186 model flying clubs, the SMV represents the interests of model pilots and clubs on a national level vis-à-vis authorities, regulators and institutions. The SMV offers comprehensive and yet inexpensive collective insurance for model pilots.

The goals of the SMV are to promote model aviation and to advocate its recognition as a valuable activity, regardless of whether it is pursued as a meaningful leisure activity or competitively as a top sport.

Whether you are a beginner or have been flying for years, young or old, and no matter what you like to fly: Membership does the trick!

Is model flying not very expensive?

No, because for the first model including remote control the costs are around CHF 300.-- to 700.--. For this you get a good flying model from a specialist store to gain your first flying experience. Today's construction techniques and the high degree of prefabrication make it possible to build a model in the home. Various model flying clubs also have their own building facilities.

But don't forget, the best way to fly is in a community of like-minded people, i.e. in a club. The Membership fees in a model airplane club are against the background of the mostly quite well existing Infrastructure and the existing possibilities quite affordable.

How to become a member of a model flight group and learn model flying?


The best thing to do is to look under "Regions/Clubs"  your region with our Search Engine to find a suitable club. With this you will find a Selection of all model flight clubs in the area you have narrowed down to search. Contact them directly through the address given.