Model flight safety

The primary goal of the Safety Working Group is to maintain and further increase the generally high safety standard in all branches of model aviation. Both are to be achieved primarily by continuously raising awareness of the topic of safety among all model pilots through checklists, explanations, events, etc.
Part of the tasks is also to observe new developments and trends in model aviation and to react to them if necessary. In this sense, the results of the safety working group complement the existing regulations and guidelines in existing official regulations and guidelines.

SAFETY! FIRST Compendium

SAFETY!FIST Kompendium: Alles zum Thema Modellflugsicherheit in einem DokumentIn SAFETY! FIRST Compendium, all relevant aspects of safety are summarized in a clearly structured booklet. The checklists that have been familiar for years are also included and explained in detail. The compendium focuses on the potential hazard areas of people, technology and organization over which a dangerous chain of events potentially extends.

The comprehensive collection is continuously updated. It is suitable for internal club training as well as for distribution to new members.

The up-to-date versions is available for download here or can be ordered by clubs in printed form from the Aero Club Central Secretariat.

Why Safety?


Basically model aviation does not pose any particular dangers if  the aircraft is handeled responsibily and the pilot's own abilities and residual risks are correctly assessed.

In the field of competition flying, but also around the operation of model airfields, a high safety standard is given by concrete guidelines and regulations (REM) in Regulations of the Swiss Model Aviation Association or higher-level international model aviation organizations.

Wherever there is an opportunity to prevent an accident from happening in the first place, the Swiss Model Aviation Association would like to do this even more. Not because of a specific occasion but out of conviction and ultimately in the interest of model aviation.

To this end, the Safety Working Group was established many years ago. The concrete recommendations of this expert group are developed in close cooperation with committed model pilots from a wide variety of disciplines, i.e. from and for practice.

Dokumente aus diesem Bereich

4 Checklisten Sicherheit für Piloten und Veranstalter02.02.2010
Accus LiPo – voici comment les utiliser en toute sécurité dans les modèles réduits d’avions15.06.2022
Checkliste Handhabung von Li Po Akkus im Modellflug31.08.2021
D - Briefing fur Piloten (Sicherheit)01.02.2012
D - Checkliste für Veranstalter Detailiertes Merkblatt19.11.2009
D_Sicherheit im Fesselflug15.08.2022
D-Code of Good Practice für alle Modellflugpiloten22.05.2022
D-Sicherheitskultur auf Vereinsebene am Beispiel des MFV Kulm20.06.2022
F - Astuces pour pilotes de shows et de compétition01.02.2012
F - Briefing pour pilotes / auxiliaires / organisateurs01.02.2012
F - Directives pour organisateurs01.02.2012
F Code of Good Practice pour tous les pilotesaéromodélistes22.05.2022
F_Sécurité en vol circulaire15.08.2022
F-Sicherheitskultur auf Vereinsebene am Beispiel des MFV Kulm20.06.2022
GB Code of Good Practice for all Model Aircraft Pilots22.05.2022
I - Briefing per piloti/aiutanti/organizzatori01.02.2012
I - Consigli per piloti durante dimostrazioni e competizioni01.02.2012
I - Direttive per organizzatori01.02.2012
I Code of Good Practice per tutti i piloti di aeromodlli22.05.2022
I_La sicurezza nel volo vincolato circolare15.08.2022
I-Sicherheitskultur auf Vereinsebene am Beispiel des MFV Kulm20.06.2022
LiPo – così i aeromodelli gestiscono in sicurezza gli accumulatori15.06.2022
LiPos – so gehen Modellflugpiloten sicher mit den Akkus um15.06.2022
SAFETY! FIRST Kompendium25.04.2017
Sicherheits-Tipps für Veranstaltungs- und Showpiloten17.01.2010
Sicherheits-Tipps und Good-Practice Regeln für gute Piloten17.01.2010
Sicherheits-Tipps und Good-Practice Regeln für gute Veranstalter17.01.2010

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