Aviativc profession, a career of a lifetime

What could be nicer than combining a hobby, sport or leisure activity with a job. An aviation orientation and taking up a profession in aviation are often mentioned by model pilots in their youth and SPHAIR . Who hasn't wanted to become a "pilot" in their lifetime, fly to distant countries and get to know the big wide world. Or how many boys and now also girls can be found through the Patrouille Suisse , the REGA or by demanding maintenance companies such asS Air Technics be fascinated by aviation. Or the operation of your own model flying school, your own model shop, working as a flight instructor, training at the Skyguide as an air traffic controller, at one Airline working as a flight attendant, almost inexhaustible opportunities to turn aviation and related professions into a profession

No flight movement occurs in the Swiss sky without the air traffic control's okay. Skyguide manages air traffic on behalf of the federal government and controls the densest and one of the most complex airspaces in Europe. Since 2001, the mandate has included the handling of civil and military aviation - a pioneering achievement in European aviation. Skyguide and the model flying association maintain a good cooperation.

«HSG-Center for Aviation Competence» contains a lot of information on professions in aviation. Also our board member Emil Giezendanner , former head of the BIZ career information center in Kloten with many years of extensive experience is happy to provide information.

According to studies by Aerosuisse , the umbrella organization for Swiss aviation, are in the Switzerland almost 180,000 jobs with added value of over CHF 26 billion directly or indirectly from civil aviation

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Pilot at an airline
Lehrer und Ausbilder mit Modellflugschule