Model flying clubs

Porter_Felix_PS The model flying clubs represent the basis of model flying in Switzerland. Whether you are a beginner in model flying or an advanced modeler venturing into models of higher complexity, the crucial  hints for building and operating a model aircraft are not always found in the instructions ...


As a member of an SMV model flying club, you will benefit from a wealth of experience in the efficient building and safe flying of models of all kinds. Your big advantage: You will get an airworthy model faster and you will enjoy it much longer.

Are model airplanes allowed to fly everywhere?

Basically there s a legal basis in relation to model flying, the " Ordinance on special category aircraft" . This regulates the practice of model aviation in a practical and proven manner with few restrictions in the immediate vicinity of airfields in our country.

The model flying clubs themselves usually have their own airfields and slope flying areas operated in coordination with the landowners. Great emphasis is always placed on the protection of crops and nature, which can mean avoiding a slope because of the high grass, despite the best wind and excellent thermals . Where it is possible and necessary we also cooperate with environmental protection associations such as Pro Natura , the Swiss Ornithological Society oder der Swiss Ornithological Institute Sempach closely together. Who simply flies somewhere without membership, however, may get into trouble with landowners, who are then understandably not exactly friendly to model flying.


Do I need a permit for model flying?

No, generally not! Only for models over 30 kg, see the Details here . However, liability insurance is required for models over 500 gr up to 30 kg according to VLK "Ordinance on Aircraft of Special Categories".

Models weighing more than 30 kg must be officially approved by the FOCA and specially insured. However, only very few specialists build such models, which then also fly them abroad on particularly large terrains.