Model flying sites and model airfields

Flugplatz Modell flying sites and model airfields are the heart of every Model airplane club. These sports facilities allow the correct and safe , orderly and environmentally compatible operation of model aviation. In principle, and for the benefit of all, model flying in Switzerland may be conducted without any restrictions worth mentioning from any land, advantageously from organized model flying sites. The "Ordinance on Aircraft of Special Categories" regulates model flying in Switzerland in a practical and well-proven way for years in section 7 with the following clauses. The VMS Regulations to this can be found here.


The Federal Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, based on Article 57 of the Aviation Act of 21 December 1948 (CAA) and Articles 2a, 21, 24 and 125 paragraph 2 of the Aviation Ordinance of 14 November 1973 (CAO) decrees: dated 24 November 1994 (as of 1 December 2009)