Learn model flying in clubs or model flying schools

Bild 051 Flying a remote-controlled model airplane, or even a model helicopter, is not easy. Therefore, it makes little sense to try out the newly acquired aircraft alone somewhere on the green meadow. It is much more promising to ask an experienced model pilot to check the aircraft before the first flight and to fly it in correctly afterwards. This expert will also be happy to accompany your first flight attempts at the dual control. The model flying clubs of the SMV have qualified specialists, the necessary material and also suitable flying sites. They will be happy to help you successfully enter the fascinating world of model flying and look forward to hearing from you. You can find a club near you here.

There are commercially operated model flight schools in many places in Switzerland. These provide the student pilot with suitable flying equipment and ensure its proper functioning. The model flight schools not only teach the ability to fly and land the airplane, or helicopter, safely, they also teach the indispensable, theoretical basics for the acquisition and operation of their own aircraft. Here is a non-binding list of such flight schools. The SMV strongly encourages the completion of a model flight school, but is not in a position to make qualifying statements about individual providers.

Link to the model flying schools

This list is not complete. Model flight schools which would like to appear here free of charge are invited to contact the webmaster.