SMV insurance


The members of the Swiss Model Aviation Association have an attractive and up-to-date insurance.

Each model pilot, the club board, the club as a legal entity, the regional associations and their bodies or the Swiss Model Aviation Association with its entire board have a subsidiary insurance in the area of liability and legal protection. The insurance documents can be found here.

SAll third-party claims arising from statutory activities are thus covered and insured. And the best thing is that this is possible at unrivaled low prices. For active members this costs Fr. 18.- and for juniors up to the age of 18 Fr. 11.- per year.

No forgetting, no thinking about it, just be properly insured. The insurance certificate will be sent to the member with the annual invoice at the beginning of the year. Very simple and convenient.

As they say:

Whatever you fly - membership is the way to go! Welcome to the Swiss Model Aviation Association SMV